Zuri Stanback


The Art

Paper Cutz delves into verbal and non-verbal reactions of black men when encountering various microaggressions. Defined by Dr. Chester M. Pierce in the 1970’s as actions that communicate negative attitudes toward marginalized groups, microaggressions are commonplace for those of us on the receiving end.⁠ Friends, coworkers, media, and government are all potential sources of these slights. They are an element of systemic racism whereby the accumulated effect over time is like death by 1,000 paper cuts.

The Design System

I created Paper Cutz as a design system rather than singular pieces of art to enable a broad range of options for merchandising. Partnering with ComfiArt for a 2nd time as part of the Design + Muse Class of 2021, I understood the variety of forms available to share my story. We were intent on having a flexible collection of creative assets that we can mix and match to create a unique design on a wide range of products with a consistent language.