Valencia Washington

At a very young age, I was surrounded and immersed in art, my parents fueled me with creative fire, and my mother brought me watercolor color by numbers before I could read or write. My father introduced me to diverse musical influences such as Beethoven and Tupac. Born in California, raised all over the United States as a self-proclaimed military brat, I had to learn to adapt quickly, using vast knowledge of music to relate to others and to make friends. During my high school years, I took an art class for the first time where I discovered my passion, expressing myself through lines, color, and shapes. Today, as a full-time abstract artist, I emerge my life experiences into my work, where I explore the connection between lines, color, shapes, and music. Later inspired by provocative icons, Salvador Dali and Kanye West, what starts out as a chaotic vision, soon becomes a passionate symphony of color and non-traditional imagery. This allows me to fully express emotions at the moment without hesitation, creating fluid art that inspires others to dream in color.