Marryam Moma

Marryam Moma


Momas practice explores the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, and spirituality h to celebrate the human form and change the dynamics of how the Black body is viewed in a divisive versus inclusive society. Her work is in the permanent collections of multinational corporations, such as Microsoft and Starbucks, and has been featured on popular television programs such as Blackish, Bel Air, and Cherish The Day. Moma created 

commissioned works for Pop Science, ART Seen, Radiant Health, and XXL magazines and has exhibited widely in the United States. Moma lives, loves, and creates in Atlanta, GA.

The Collection:

Through my hand-cut collage art, I aim to empower and uplift the Black body, especially the Black female body. Unveiling the magic within this race breaks collective contemporary stereotypes. Thus, changing attitudes and perceptions of black women, allowing society to re-discover us: Powerful, complex, beautiful, revered, and valuable. Empowering that body through my work, I create collages within a rigorous subtractive process that is layered, detailed, and yet minimalist in delivery.

"Unapologetic" is a call to push forward, strong and unencumbered by what some see as past mistakes, but I view as learning moments in life. With newly acquired knowledge, the subject here is clearly bold and strong and yet maintains a needed level of softness and vulnerability. I aim to break stereotypes around Black women, which underline that she needs to portray strength at all times, with no room for her feminine softness. 
I create a celebratory space through my work, where she can be both strong and soft.