Kamon Sherriff

Kamon Sherriff

Kamon Sherriff is an Atlanta-based visual artist; painter, illustrator, and designer. Throughout his life, Kamon has always had an interest in drawing and creating. But after suffering a spinal cord injury in 2010 while in school for software engineering, he found himself with a lot more time to focus on art. After a journey into creating music, Kamon has settled into and found his purpose through creating visual artwork.

Completely self-taught through a lifetime of interest and years of committed practice and study, Kamon is a professional painter and illustrator who has had multiple solo exhibitions, numerous group exhibitions, and has even created a completely original coloring book. Kamon’s artwork is strongly influenced by cartoons and Japanese animation, as well as the aesthetic, philosophy, and values of the Japanese Samurai.

With strong roots and love for African-american culture, and a profound interest in traditional Japanese culture, Kamon

combines the two through the use of an animated and cartoon style that incorporates a healthy dose of realism.

Kamon is continually growing as an artist, and constantly reinventing himself and his work. Keep up with Kamon on Instagram


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