Zarinah Dennis

Zarinah Dennis



I’m an Atlanta based emerging artist. Three years ago I rediscovered myself and began creating beautiful, whimsical, messy versions of how I felt. I call them my Bitter Darlings, inspired by the various silhouettes and emotions of all women in their perfectly imperfect states. Each Bitter Darlings expression evokes a different emotion and it is up to the onlooker to depict what feelings they see rather than telling the viewer what they should perceive.

As tough as it was, I learned from all my demons, enemies and even myself. The knowledge and acceptance of what has happened and why it happened has gifted me the ability to take care of myself from the inside out, at the start and end of every day. 

It is essential to overcome fears, make efforts toward achieving goals, be in love with yourself, supportive and honest, live without remorse, have peace and do all actions one can in order to become better.

Fuck what people say; don’t give them the power to destroy your dreams. I’m magical as fuck. To me, that’s what being an icon represents. Magic, hoe!

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