90's Summer Candle

Lee Lee La Cubana

90's Summer

Using pop-culture references and memories from her experience, she creates contemporary pop-art pieces that represent a memory to her as the artist while also provoking a memory or feeling for the viewer. As an extension of 90’s Summer, a painting of character icees and related imagery made and sold in 2020, this scent is created with the intention to invoke the nostalgic summer days from your childhood. With warm sunny notes of citrus and the refreshing subtle scent of icees, these candles will take you back to a simple and joyful time. 

Top Note: light citrus, watermelon
Heart Note: sugar crystals
Base Note: light musk

Artist: Ashley Miah

Category: ComfiScent, decor, Design and Muse, Lee Lee La Cubana

Type: 未知類型

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