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by Yami Jaramillo 1月 04, 2021

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“I appreciate it (2020) because it brought me back to square one. This is something I can build from. If I can get through this, I can get through anything.” 

Most artists have expanded their skill sets during this pandemic, but Funk Tha World took on the human body as his canvas. Although he has had apprenticeships in the past for tattooing, he never felt confident in his work and stuck to the familiar. That is until 2020. Since March 1st, Funk Tha World has done over 200 tattoos and is still going. 


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As the year began, Funk needed a different way to get his art out as his individual work was not selling like before. He began a merch line as “clothes is something that everybody needs.”

However, the highlight goes back to tattooing. “I’m real[ly] big on passion. Putting myself fully into what I do,” Funk said, speaking about how his focus pivoted head first into tattoos. 


“I don’t want to be stagnant and I don’t want to get comfortable in doing something so I always look for something new. This year was tattooing and it sparked a fire to continue to do stuff on paper and on canvas.”

He understands that this year has affected everyone differently. Explaining through his light hearted perspective that, “A lot of people that are not creators do not have stable jobs. So for them, they have to reroute. They have to re-grind themselves, but as a creator you just go back to square one rebuilding from what you’ve learned already.”

A beautiful perspective that showcases the essence of Funk Tha World’s spirit. The motto/lifestyle of Funk Tha World means that once someone really finds their funk, that’s when their purpose begins and that’s what he aims to translate in his work. That is what he hopes to pull from his audience in all mediums.


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“There are so many ways for an artist to make it out here and I’ve learned that this year, so you don’t have to be stuck in one hole. I want to formulate plans for my 2021 and beyond to whatever I make and manifest is really what I want. If it doesn’t serve my purpose, I don’t have time.” 

With that intention we’ll keep a close watch as Funk Tha World continues to share his “funk” with the world. Motivating us all to find our own and to share it with the world unapologetically. 

Yami Jaramillo
Yami Jaramillo


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