by Dionna Collins 12月 02, 2018

ComfiArt is taking you to the ComfiZone, our blog series where our Chief Executive Officer interviews extraordinary creatives about their life as a creator and beyond. First up to the canvas is Zarinah Dennis, check out her story.
Bitter Darlings

CA: Hello Zarinah, so glad that you took some time with us to talk in the ComfiZone with ComfiArt. You have an amazing story tell me about it.

ZD: My name is Zarinah Dennis. I am a mother of two extremely intelligent and fascinating daughters, a kindergarten teacher with a Master's in Instructional Technology K-12 and an EdS in Curriculum and Teaching. Two years ago, I rediscovered myself and began creating again. I am a beautiful, whimsical mess. 

I'm inspired by the various silhouettes and emotions of women in all of their perfectly imperfect states. I call them Bitter Darlings. Each Bitter Darlings expression evokes a different emotion and it is up to the onlooker to depict what feelings they see rather than telling the viewer what they should perceive.

Zarinah Dennis

CA: How has your practice change over time?

ZD: Yes, when I was younger I would draw. Now, I paint.

CA: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

ZD: Anything involving cars with my dad from auctions to family trips and summers with my cousins in the country.

CA: What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

ZD: I’ve always been a preschool teacher. Currently, I teach Kindergarten. I also have an after-school art program.

CA: What is an artistic outlook on life?

ZD: To me, an artistic outlook on life means to be free to create, to dream and make the impossible possible.

CA: What food, drink, song inspires you?

ZD: Champagne and Project Pat inspire me. If it’s not top notch or ghetto I don’t like it, There is no in between.

CA: What superpower would you have and why?

ZD: Teleportation would be my superpower. I would love to be able to go anywhere at any given time. Going to the airport and picking the next flight out is something I want to do.

Bitter Darlings

CA: What is your dream project?

ZD: Painting a mural and designing a collection for Gucci with Alessandro Michele are dream projects of mine.


CA: What object or tool you use the most that you can’t live without?

ZD: The object I use the most and couldn’t live without is my Amex

CA: This was great! Thank you again for pushing your creativity for all of us to enjoy. You can find Zarinah Dennis of Bitter Darlings on Instagram @bitterdarlings and on her email

Dionna Collins
Dionna Collins


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