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by Dionna Collins 12月 05, 2018

ComfiArt is taking you to the ComfiZone, our blog series where our Chief Executive Officer interviews extraordinary creatives about their life as a creator and beyond. Next up to the canvas is Robert Williams III, check out his story. 

CA: Hello Robert, so glad that you took some time with us to talk in the ComfiZone with ComfiArt. Tell me a little about your background.

RW: My name is Robert Williams III. I was born in Sanford, Florida. I currently live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. My love of art began at an early age. From drawing on my friend’s clothes to designing the yard of the month sign for my neighborhood and creating yearbook covers for middle school. Art has always been my first love. After graduating from Lake Mary High School, I attended Seminole Community College for a brief period. I then transferred to the International Academy of technology and Design and studied computer animation. My art explores a wide range of methods in painting and drawing. My main area of interest is drawing. However, my recent paintings have involved the process of combining several colors that would not normally go together, to create beautiful abstract paintings along with creating paintings that honor the beautiful black woman.

As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and others about the beauty that exists.

CA: Professionally, what’s your goal? 

RW:  To make The Collection of Robert Williams III a household name.

CA: What art do you most identify with? 

RW: I mostly identify with being a visual artist.

CA: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood? 

RW: The strongest memory of my childhood would be when I created a painting in high school of an owl on a rock. The painting was entered in a fair and received an honorable mention. From there I gave the painting to my great-grandmother, who keep it framed in her home until she passed away. I have it in my home now. Every time I look at it, I think of her. And remember how much she loved it.

CA: What is art to you? 

RW: To me art is therapy. And artists are the healers. I believe our creativity helps people to escape from everything that is going on in the world.

CA: What food, drink, song inspires you?

RW: Pizza. Tito’s vodka and Award Tour by A Tribe Called Quest.

CA: What object or tool you use the most that you can’t live without?

RW: My pencil. Lol. I can’t live without drawing. 

CA: What superpower would you have and why? 

RW: Invulnerability, because I work out a lot and I hate it when I get an injury. I’d rather be immune from all forms of damage. lol

CA: Name two artists you’d like to collaborate with. 

RW: I would love to collaborate with Melissa Mitchell and Brionya James. These ladies are very passionate when it comes to their art. And every piece they create has meaning. I would love to work with either one of those lovely ladies.

CA: What’s the best advice you’ve been given as an artist? 

RW: The best advice I’ve been given came from my best friend Chris Williams. He told me, “art is not imitation.” Meaning the gift, I have been given to create beautiful drawings or paintings are original and from the heart. I am not imitating another artist or following trends. He told me to stay on my path and stay true to myself and keep creating art that speaks to the people.

CA: Thank you again for share your story with In the ComfiZone. You can find Robert Williams III on Instagram @the_artofbase 

Dionna Collins
Dionna Collins


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