Zuri Stanback

I’m an Atlanta-based painter, digital designer, and technologist who has spent a lifetime fulfilling my passions for various forms of creative communication. Whether building websites and creating logos or developing software products and managing digital advertising solutions, I have frequently harnessed the power of design to tell stories and influence human behavior. Under my brand urban/shout, I create art primarily with oil and acrylic paints on canvas while occasionally using an iPad for digital-only pieces.

My style reflects my love for the vibrancy and voice of graffiti, my high regard for the written word, and a spiritual connection with ancient glyphs. Thematically I focus on African-American males, our fears, desires, and multitude of expression. The first painting I ever exhibited, “Who Am I?”, is an autobiographical message about the many personas I had taken throughout life.

On it, I wrote “who am I? I am me, be I corporate, creative, or athlete. what’s that you say? I can only be 1? nah son, I’ve just begun. I am all 3 you best believe and will be many more before I leave”. That still rings true for me almost 20 years later.

For my collaboration with ComfiArt as part of Design and Muse 3, I stepped back into the digital realm to merge my painting style with my graphic design skills to create something unique and exclusive. Created using Adobe Fresco on an iPad and Adobe Photoshop on a MacBook Pro, the series is titled “a peace of power” and highlights the duality of life on this planet: the need for power over your enemies and the desire for peace amongst your allies. We strive for both on a daily basis never really knowing how much power is necessary or how much peace is realistic. Yet we press on faithfully with the pursuit of happiness knowing life will bring challenges we must overcome with strength and resilience.