Marryam Moma

Tanzanian-Nigerian creative Marryam Moma is an Atlanta-based interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis on collage art. Marryam holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Tyler School of Art, at Temple University in Philadelphia. Marryam's formal studies at Tyler, combined with her tenure as a fit and fashion illustration model, learning during formal fashion classes, inform her design decisions around light, color, texture, and balance within her compositions. Frank Lloyd Wright, Kara Walker, Lorna Simpson, and Mickalene Thomas influence her principal style and creative delivery.

Moma is intrigued by using collage as a medium to examine themes of faith and higher consciousness, societal issues while celebrating the human form and reinforcing ideas about individuality and self-love. The clarity, discipline, and execution of her work in the collage medium reflects applied strengths from a formal education in architecture.

Collaging melds the palette of re-purposed pieces together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings that subliminally engage the subconscious. The process of deconstructing images and then re-integrating many pieces to create something completely new is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment where color, texture, shape, and space come into play.

More recently, you will find Moma’s collages in the Starbucks Permanent Art Collection. Moma has also exhibited in Miami at PRIZM Art Fair during Art Basel, in Atlanta, GA at Kai Lin Art Gallery, Zucot Gallery, MasonFine Art, Facet Gallery, MINT Gallery and

Notch 8 Gallery. You can also find several of her pieces within BrightHouse Media Company and Legacy Studios Estate Law Firm. She has exhibited internationally in Abuja, Nigeria and Daresalaam, Tanzania. It is Marryam’s long term intention is to create an art platform focused on reaching children in under-served communities to

stimulate and encourage artistic expression.