by Dionna Collins December 02, 2018

2019 Events

ComfiArt provides artist awareness of opportunities to monetize their artistic gifts, medium for social advocacy through various forms of artistic expression for social change, and increase the artist product expansion through our platform and events. It’s the platform for artist to combine digital experiential marketing and art together. Here are some of the events that ComfiArt will be launching in 2019.

Design and Muses

Design & Muse - Twelve artists will be selected to collaborate with ComfiArt. Each artist will create original artwork on selected items from the ComfiArt website. Artists will be invited to discuss their inspiration behind these designs. All featured artists work will be available for purchase. Click here to get tickets.

Juice and Doodle
Juice and Doodle -  An event designed for parents to creatively connect with their kids while providing awareness to healthier food options. Children will express their creativity through colorful art while bonding with their parents.  Click here to get tickets.

Color Therapy
Color Therapy - An event designed to educate women on navigating different issues in the community through coloring. In partnership with Show Me Shoe (501c3), Operation SOLE Beautiful encourages self-love, provide mentorships and helps women develop the confidence to carry with them on their life journey to achieve great heights in life. 

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Dionna Collins
Dionna Collins


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