The Power of Alignment with GW Harper

by Yami Jaramillo December 21, 2020

“I can channel my energy and align with the forces I need to align with that will make me happy. If I’m happy, my kids are happy.”


We all hold the power to align with our desires, but it is extra special to do so in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. GW Harper and her work embody the meaning of “flying without a cape,” as she took leaps of faith to pivot out of being a nurse on the frontlines to a full time studio artist. The main reason for her pivot is reflected in the eyes of her 5 and 7 year old daughters that are watching her follow her dreams. 
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“I want them to see that Mommy does what she has a passion to do,” Harper said passionately as she went into speaking of the series of serendipitous events that led to her art career taking priority in her life. Everything from her living space to her current art exhibit, have been moments that have met one by one like the connecting dots of an ellipses to the future.

As a nurse, GW Harper has seen both sides of the effects of this pandemic, but that is why 2020 is all about the “jump mentality” for her.

She beamed of life as she stated that, “the worst that can happen is you fail, but guess what? You can start over and try again. So just do it!”

GW Harper’s art reflects her boldness as she hides messages in plain sight. Infusing pieces of herself and her daughters in her work showcasing the beauty of the black existence and the double ontandras of socio-political views against the bright colors of acrylic/watercolor based abstract and mixed media creations. 


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Her mission through her art is to drive the audience to observe and search for their connection to the pieces while finding the innuendos subtly placed in her work. She hopes it inspires them to “fly without a cape” and pursue their passions. However frightening it may be. 

For more GW Harper’s, follow her on social media @Gwharperdesigns and Purchase some items from her ComfiArt Collection.

Yami Jaramillo
Yami Jaramillo


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